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​​​​​One Dream Event is proud to present yet another beautiful event, a Shavuos retreat for the entire family.
Over the past few years One Dream Event has been hosting successful events like Shabbos Chanuka, Shabbos Hagodel and Shabbos Nachamu.
While our customers were raving and enjoying our Shabbatons the question was always the same, when will One Dream host Yomim Tovim?
Today we are proud to announce that the day has finally arrived!

One Dream specializes in hi-end programs yet affordable for the average family.
We focus on excellent cuisine, while making sure we only use the highest standard in Kashrus.
Our speakers are entertaining and uplifting as our guest always say “I hope you have him back next time”.
The crowd is diversified, which we strongly believe is the key to our success.
The kids always have a blast. We have experienced teachers to run the day camp to the Motzei Shabbos concert and entertainment show one thing remains the same each time the kids don’t want to leave.

This Shavuos we went as hi-end as it comes.
The Woodcliff Hilton has gone through a $30 million renovation and is a true beauty. It is Located just 15 minutes before Monsey.

Our program begins on Tuesday, May 30th through Sunday June 4th
Join us either for a full 3 day or 5 day program...

  • Starting with Tuesday hospitality through Sunday breakfast.
  • Shiurim through the night of Shevuos.
  • Lavish Milchig Kiddush with the finest from Lilac & Cream.
  • Full 5 star gourmet meals.
  • Highest standard of Kashrus.
  • Motzei Shabbos concert and Melava Malka program.
  • Kids activity and day camp program.
  • Beautiful Davening and Zemiros with Rabbi Shmuel Braun
  • 24 hour tea room.

Featured Speakers;
Rabbi Ari Spiegel - Rabbi Mordechai Rubin & more...
Under the strict Hashgocha of Rabbi Mordechai Shain
Our featured Chazan Shmuel Braun 

Limited space available!
For more information please call/text 646-887-4603

Email us at

One Dream dream it, we event it...

​​​Shabbos Getaway & Yome Tov Retreats by One Dream Event

Shavuos at the luxurious Hilton Woodcliff Lake, NJ